Empowering #PrettyFearless Women Around the World

Infinix is celebrating International Women’s Day worldwide throughout the company, which operates in over 40 countries worldwide.

Wonderful women have always been one of the keys to Infinix’s success as a company, and today they celebrate their steadfast contributions to the Infinix brand.

To celebrate Women’s Day, Infinix launched its #Prettyfearless campaign to celebrate Women’s Day and has put together three stories of adventurous women who have gone above and beyond to push themselves to the limit.

Chalita Suansane: Miss Universe Thailand 2016

Chalita Suansane is a world-famous Thai beauty queen. With the dream of becoming a beauty queen from a young age, Chalita Suansane fearlessly entered the competition with high hopes of winning, and she was crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2016 on July 23, 2016.

Chalita Susane displayed a strong character and stamina in this tough competition coming out on top. She is a massive inspiration for Thai women.

“I wish that I can inspire, especially women, to be the best version you can be. You have to find the courage and strength within yourself” – Chalita Suansane

Palvasha Sultan: Car Racer

Palvasha Sultan is an ultra-competitive rally car racer from Pakistan. In the Cholistan desert, Palvasha Sultan competed in a typically 90% male race.

Being one of the few females in the race, she overcame her competition and came out in 3rd place. She displayed heroic courage diving in tough climates and completed as a desert rally car driver. She inspires women to compete across Pakistan.

Racing against the tough male competition, she motivates women all over Pakistan to stand up for themselves and fear nothing as a woman in 2022.

“Fearlessness has taught me to believe in myself, not to care about ‘what people say’ or to follow gender stereotypes” – Palvasha Sultan.

ATSIVON Afiwa Odette: Fitness Instructor

ATSIVON Afiwa Odette is a fitness instructor, bodybuilder, Coach, Blogger, Dancer & Choreographer from Togo and has made it her life’s mission to strive to be the best in everything she does.

Setting and believing in her goals throughout her multiple journeys in life has given her the strength and determination to be the best woman she can be. She exercises for hours every single day and inspires women to grow and build upon themselves in a world where women have no limits.

“I want to encourage women to be their better selves.  To invest in yourselves, and to take care of yourselves mentally and physically. The sky is not even the limit for us. So be fearless and just go for it!” – ATSIVON Afiwa Odette.

All three of these women have displayed remarkable courage in taking part in these extreme events, and they inspire pretty fearless women all around the world to do more, push outside their comfort zones and grow to be the best they can be.

Infinix deeply shares these values by creating outstanding products with rich features at attainable price points that empower women in emerging markets worldwide. At Infinix, women who enjoy total gender equality make up a significant key component of the workforce, managing teams, leading projects and taking the Infinix brand to new heights year on year.

2022 certainly is a great year to be a pretty fearless woman #BreakTheBias.

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