Don’t date or marry someone that can’t afford things you can do for yourself” – Nigerian lady advises ladies

A Nigerian woman, identified simply as Ziyaah from Bauchi, has advised financially independent women not to get romantically involved with men who cannot match their ability to provide for themselves.

Taking to the microblogging platform X, Ziyaah admonished women not to date or marry men who cannot afford the things they can do for themselves.

According to her, the relationship might seem rosy at the beginning, but with time, they will start resenting their partners for not being financially able to fend for their needs.

She wrote,

“If you’re a woman that is working hard & earning good money, PLEASE DO NOT DATE OR MARRY SOMEONE that cannot afford the things you can do for yourself. The relationship no go blend. At first you’d think you’re okay with it, but as time goes on, you’ll resent him.”

See below,

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