Corps member reportedly posted to abattoir for her PPA

A young lady recently made headlines on social media after being assigned by NYSC to a local abattoir as her place of primary assignment (PPA).

The story was first brought to public attention by Twitter user TA Adeiye, whose post quickly went viral, sparking a wide range of reactions from the online community.

While the precise location and state where the NYSC member is serving were not disclosed by Adeiye, he expressed his concerns about the appropriateness of the placement.

Adeiye claimed to know the lady personally and was surprised by her assignment to the abattoir, suggesting that this was not an ideal PPA for a graduate.

Adeiye further shared a follow-up video and a photo, which depicted the lady announcing the commencement of her work at the meat shop.

In the footage, an individual could be seen carrying a bucket containing various meat cuts, while cow legs and tails were displayed on a nearby table.

As news of this unusual NYSC posting spread across social media, Nigerians took to various platforms to express their views on the matter.


Netizens Reactions…

@theDamiDami said: “NYSC always does rubbish. They posted my guy to a church as an organist. An accountant!”

@Olurantowoseeni commented: “Might be laughable but it’s a good idea. The local business owners can gain a lot from an educated person…if they are willing to adapt.”

@iamrenike said; “This is insane!”

@niruha__ said; “She probably studied animal husbandry.”

@TAAdeiyer replied; “Even animal husbandry should get farm, worst case scenario. Vet science or animal husbandry how is it the same as cutting and selling meat in abattoir?”

@CathChisomsTwin said; “Smh NYSC is supposed to foster nation building, and the give the corp member needed work experience to help them kickstart their career. I don’t see how sending a corp member to an abattoir accomplishes any of the above. Wonder what the Corper’s CV will look like with it on it”

@adeshi_agba said; “Had a lawyer friend who was posted to a nursery school. Lol. Imagine been called to bar and then going to do A for apple. Bro wan craze … Twas funny shaa”

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