Toyin Abraham snubbed me after begging me not to commit suicide – Twyse

Nigerian comedian, Abraham Ereme, popularly known as Twyse, has revealed that Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham snubbed him, after her efforts to prevent him from committing suicide.

In 2016, Twyse shared a cryptic message on social media, hinting at a distressing situation and warning his followers about an impending “flood.”

Toyin Abraham, along with numerous fans and well-wishers, had reached out to the comedian, urging him not to take any drastic actions.

During a recent interview, Twyse shed light on what led him to suicidal thoughts, stating that he was battling with personal challenges and had decided to vent his emotions online.

But just when he reached out to the actress after her pleas for him not to end it all, she refused to respond to his messages, he claimed.


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