2face spoke the truth, African men not monogamous – Daddy Freeze

In defence of 2baba’s comments on infidelity, media personality Daddy Freeze shed light on the unconventional views surrounding monogamy in African society.

During an engaging Instagram live session, the controversial figure voiced his belief that having just one wife is not customary for African men.

Drawing from his own family background, Daddy Freeze revealed that his grandfather embraced polygamy with four wives, while his father currently maintains two.

To fortify his argument, he referenced biblical figures such as David, Abraham, and Solomon, who engaged in extramarital affairs.

In his perspective, attempting to normalize Western values without adaptation poses a threat to African traditions, as feminism and political correctness infiltrate our cultural landscape.

Challenging societal norms, Daddy Freeze urged a reconsideration of the concept of monogamy, asserting that it is not the natural inclination for African men.


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