Your queen mother is a hoe – Verydarkman throws subtle shade at Iyabo Ojo hours after tagging herself “queen mother”

Controversial social media commentator VeryDarkman has thrown a subtle shade at actress Iyabo Ojo as he describes her as a ‘hoe’.

This comment from VeryDarkman comes after Iyabo Ojo took to her page to share stunning photos of herself tagging herself as the “Queen mother”.

She wrote, “There’s a reason I’m a Queen Mother. Stay true to you….. Queen Mother for a reason !!”.

A few hours after Iyabo Ojo shared her photos praising herself, Verydarkman took to his Instagram story to drag the actress.

According to VeryDarkman, he was blackmailed but he didn’t bow to their pressure. He added that no one can counsel him over the perception he has.

He wrote, “Your queen mother is a hoe, she knows. They wouldn’t have blackmailed me. I told them I am 10x more deadly than their gistlovers, they have feelings, I don’t, they are sensitive, I am not. They are sentimental, I am not. Lastly, you can’t control a man if you don’t pay his bills, they play in gutters, and I don’t like gutters. It doesn’t stink enough. I love the shit, it’s more smelly. I love the shit and I will eat it with bread. Nobody can cancel me”.

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