You’ll be needed when you have what’s needed but that’s not love – Erigga

Nigerian rap sensation, Erhiga Agarivbie, better known by his stage name, Erigga has shared an enlightening quote about how people can deduce when others don’t genuinely love them.

The Warri-based Emcee stated that when one has what’s needed, people will flock around that person, but it should not be mistaken for love.

According to the Hip Hop artiste, that is simply the economics of human relationship, a practical example of demand and supply.

In another post, he said everybody loves a ‘mumu’ because of how they can take advantage of the person’s naivety or foolishness, however, when they become wise, people begin to say the person is ‘bad’.

Erigga tweeted; “You will be needed when you have what’s needed. Don’t confuse that for love!!! It’s demand and supply”

He added; “Everybody like mumu….. Once mumu Wise Them Go say Mumu na Bad Person.”


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