Woman who married as virgin laments over her inability to stop cheating on her husband

A 31-year-old woman simply known as Ibinabo has lamented over the fact that she is cheating on her husband and is finding it difficult to quit.

She revealed that she was a virgin when she got married to him three years ago, but in February 2022, she started having affairs with two different men.

The woman opened up on her complicated situation through NGL, a platform for seeking solutions to ones problems online.

According to Ibinabo, she no longer feels satisfied by her husband so she decided to find the solution elsewhere.

She said one of her lovers is married while the other is single and he does not know she has a husband.

In her words; “I don’t know what is wrong with me. I’m 31 and married 3 years ago as a Virgin. Since February last year I have been cheating on my husband with 2 different men. How can I stop before he caught me?

I had 3 relationship before I married my husband and I was able to resist temptations but since I started sleeping my husband, I don’t feel satisfied. I always have a high libido. One of the men I am dating is married and is good. The single guy doesn’t know I am married but he is better in bed than my husband.

Am scared now because I don’t desire intercourse with my husband again. This month have turned him down 5 times and I have gone to sleep with my concubines 4 times. Please help me.”

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