New Zealand dog breeder mauled to death by his dogs

A backyard breeder accused of treating his dogs as ‘moneymakers’ has been viciously mauled to death by his own animals.

Rikiana Hirawani, 33, was found dead in the backyard of his Christchurch, New Zealand home, surrounded by three large, white dogs.

Armed police rushed to the Gilberthorpes Road home, in the Christchurch suburb of Hei Hei, at 12.30pm on Tuesday ready to capture the dogs.

Neighbours reported seeing one of the dogs still mauling his lifeless, naked body and described the scene as ‘grim’.

A neighbour said he yelled at the dogs to try and keep them off the body until police arrived.

You could see every rib,’ the witness told Stuff.

The neighbour also claimed the dogs were not well-looked after and had been bred as ‘moneymakers’.

Mr Hirawani’s body was still occasionally being attacked when police arrived.

One of the dogs was taken from the front of the property while police broke through the back fence to capture the other two animals.

Detective Senior Sergeant Colin Baillie confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances in his death.

Police forensic experts are still examining the scene and the death was referred to the coroner.

One dog was apprehended in the street and police removed the other two.

A neighbour also claimed that armed police were regularly called to the same house.

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