Woman who collected N300k cash after rejecting operation to remove goitre is dead


An Osun woman who chose to collect N300,000 cash and turned offer of a free operation to remove goitre on her neck has reportedly died.

Mrs Folakemi was said to have lived with the goitre for years and a Non-governmental organisation sympathetic to er condition was able to raise N300k.

When the woman sought medical help, a medical team graciously offered her free treatment, but she refused to give her consent for the doctors to carry out the operation and she asked for the N300k instead.

The NGO tried to make her reconsider her decision as there were serious health implications of not removing the goitre but she insisted on walking away with the money.

She reportedly went back to her village with the hope that her government would fulfil the pledge to assist her after they learnt about her situation.

When the government was not forthcoming, a director of a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) who had taken an interest in the case was able to convince her to still have the operation done.

According to reports, the surgery reportedly went awry which eventually led to Mrs Folakemi’s death.

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