Househelp stabs employer to death 7 days after resuming work

A house help simply identified as Peter is currently on the run after killing his employer, just a week after resuming work.

The help was said to have stabbed the female boss to death in her in her apartment on 29, Kiniun-ifa street Sawmill, in the Gbagada area of the state.

Vanguard reports that the lifeless body of the deceased was discovered by her son on Saturday, March 9, 2024, when he came visiting.

The help had worked for the woman for just seven days before the unfortunate incident occurred at the residence, where the boss is said to be the only occupant.

A resident said; “The woman’s son, upon arriving at the compound, went straight to his mother’s apartment, only to find her lifeless body on the staircase, with blood all over.

“A long piece of wood suspected to be the murder weapon was also found. By then, the body has started swelling, suggesting that the woman might have been killed days before”.

It was gathered a relative of the agent that brought the fleeing househelp had been arrested, as the unidentified agent was nowhere to be found.

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