Woman divorces husband a day after wedding for ‘disobeying’ her

A Twitter user has shared an interesting story of how a newly married woman asked her husband for divorce just a day after their wedding because he disregarded her feelings and did what she told him not to do.

She said the woman had told her husband not to smash cake in her face at their wedding reception because she has claustraphobia as a result of an auto accident.

According to the tweep known as Hibzster, the husband still went ahead and smashed their wedding cake in her face despite telling him that it was the one thing she didn’t want.

The post reads; “A woman divorced her husband a day after their wedding because she told him her one rule was to not smash cake in her face since she’s claustrophobic from a car accident & guess what he did…he smashed her face into their wedding cake

Honestly good for her because if he can’t respect that one simple boundary, then why even be married to someone like that? her family/friends are trash for convincing her to give him a 2nd chance. I’m glad she didn’t listen.”

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