Widow who boiled stones for her 8 kids receives 6-bedroom bungalow

Good Samaritans have come to the rescue of a Kenyan widow who boiled stones to feed her eight children when they cried of hunger.

Penina Kitsao has been gifted a newly completed 6-bedroom house in Mishomoroni, Mombasa county, Kenya for her to stay with her children.

A series of photos which have gone viral captured the moment the woman who is in her 40s, reacted with excitement when the house key was finally handed to her.

It was gathered that it cost KSh 1.4 million (N5 million) to build the house from inception to completion.

“It is a dream come true, I cannot wake up from it. I have never thought that Kenyans can be this generous after being a blessing to me and my children,” she told Kenya’s Tuko.

Penina thanked everyone who contributed to ensure that her family gets some relief. She lost her husband during a robbery attack in 2019 and ever since, she has been struggling to survive.

The woman who has no stable income was doing menial jobs but could no longer continue due to the effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

She recounted a time when the kids, who do not go to school, were so hungry and she had nothing to prepare for them. She said the kids could hardly sleep and were crying all night so she had to come up with a plan.

According to the mother, she ran short of ways to get food for them so she lit up a fire and put stones in the pot just to reassure the hungry children that something was being prepared.

However, after her story was shared online, Kenyans came to her aid and donated for the erection of the six-roomed house.

Penina intends to make some money to take care of the family by renting out three of the rooms while she and her kids will stay in the other three rooms.

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