Why I married 3 women at once – Tanzanian man

A man married 3 women at once in a grand wedding ceremony, has caused a stir.

Yengayenga, a Tanzanian man residing in Shanwe, Mpanda Municipality, Katavi province, entered the mosque accompanied by three captivating women who desired to be wedded to a single man.

Driven by his anger towards his ex-wife for leaving him, his aim was to have four wives in total. He wanted to marry this number so that he would always have a wife with him, if any of them decide to abandon him again.

He said to AZAM TV, “It’s by sheer luck. It is also challenging as you cannot get three women in a row and ask to marry all of them at once, and they agree.”

Fatuma Rafaeli, Asha Pius, and Mariam John, the three women involved, expressed their views on being co-wives and accepting the possibility of occasional jealousy while striving for harmonious coexistence.

“We are not yet complete. We need one more woman,” she said, adjusting her veil.

Yengayenga, hailing from a family accustomed to polygamy, saw having multiple wives as a customary practice.

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