Why Are VIP Casino Experiences on the Rise in Nigeria?

As an upwardly mobile country with a young, computer-literate and extremely dynamic population, it’s no surprise that Nigeria is making big waves in the tech sphere. That’s true across a number of sectors, but while Nigerians certainly work hard, they do enjoy playing hard, too.

For that reason, the number of VIP casino experiences being taken advantage of in the country has climbed steadily in recent years. Not only are Nigerians indulging in the thrill of a flutter online, but their bankroll is large enough to earn VIP status – and all of the perks and benefits that brings. Here’s why.



Nigerian has one of the youngest populations in the world. In fact, last year it was found that half of all Nigerians are aged 19 or younger, which is an astonishing statistic in and of itself. The fact that the country is such a youthful one means that its inhabitants are extremely comfortable in handling technology, since for the majority of them, computers and smartphones have been a constant fixture in their lives. As such, logging onto an online casino and playing their favorite game is no challenge at all.


Wage increase

The average salary in Nigeria is currently 339,000 Nigerian naira per month. In US dollars, that equates to roughly $775. Of course, in comparison to developed nations like the UK or America, that might seem on the low side, but it’s no small chunk of change for an African country – and it’s increasing all the time. The average pay increase in Nigeria is 8% every 19 months. For context, the average wage bump on a global scale is just 3% every 16 months. That means that Nigerians have more disposable income to part with and many of them like spending it at online casinos.


A more attractive product

While it’s obviously true that supply rises to meet demand, demand is also dictated by the product on offer. Online casinos in Nigeria have worked hard to provide their clientele with a true VIP experience for high rollers, including the highest betting limits on the internet, a bespoke account manager and real-life experiences, such as tickets to high-profile sporting events. With such attractive VIP programs available, it’s not difficult to see why Nigerians might be tempted to enrol.


Mobile access

Last but not least, the advent of the mobile casino has led to a surge in popularity for online casinos and their VIP platforms. Nigeria is truly one of the tech hubs of Africa and with the capability to access their favorite slots or place a bet on their preferred sporting event at the touch of a button on their mobile, more and more Nigerians are enjoying the pastime. That’s especially the case for those who don’t have access to the country’s few land-based casinos.

Once you’ve considered all of the above factors, it’s only logical that VIP casino experiences would be on the rise in Nigeria. Have you sampled one yet?


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