Whenever my boyfriend disappoints me, karma fires back – Lady brags as boyfriend gets into an accident after choosing work over her

A young lady has recounted how karma dealt with her man for choosing to go to work rather than spend Valentine’s day with her.

According to her, he prioritised working a double shift over spending Valentine’s day with her last week.

Unfortunately, he got into an accident the next day and had to take two weeks off work due to a rib fracture.

She wrote:

“This man prioritized working a double shift over spending Valentine’s Day with me, only to get into a car accident the next day & have to take two weeks off from work due to a fractured rib. I’m tryna have sympathy, but the irony of it all is too rich.

“My love is so pure that anytime you disappoint me or act out of alignment (knowing better), the universe is quick to step in like hold it right there – here’s some karma for your ass.”

See her post below:

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