Veteran Ghanaian artiste blasts singers in country for copying Nigeria’s style

Naa Agyeman, a famous highlife musician in Ghana, has condemned his country’s artistes for copying Nigeria’s highlife too much.

The musician held that artistes, who have neglected the originality in their country’s style to embrace that of Nigeria, caused the low patronage of Ghanaian highlife music.

He added that it is not a bad thing to infuse foreign style into theirs, however, Ghanaian highlife musicians should not divert from their original style of highlife.

“It’s not as if the Nigerian way of doing music is bad, but if Ghanaians are adopting it, we should have a feel of highlife in it,” Naa Agyeman stated while speaking in an interview with Joy Prime’s KMJ on Prime Morning Thursday.

See the video below.

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