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UIC shooting threat not credible: Disappointed students of the University of Illinois at Chicago have expressed their concerns after the university called not credible UIC threats received recently.

UIC shooting threat not credible

Reports of a potential UIC active shooter, bomb threat had all gone viral earlier on.

The threat to the University of Illinois at Chicago’s campus had been made on an anonymous campus Facebook page Tuesday night, October 8, 2019.

The Facebook page, UIC Confessions & Crushesgave the time, “Oct 9th, 2019 12PM CDT” followed by a statement people interpreted as alluding to a 2014 mass killing in California that ended in the killer’s suicide.

The anonymous posted added about wanting to be a hero like Elliot Rodger (school shooter).

The UIC police say they investigated the claims and have determined that there is no credible threat to the campus.

UIC shooting threat not credible: Disappointed students react – UIC News

Read below reactions from some disappointed students, members of the university campus

From Kevin Almaguer:

Shoutout to University of Illinois at Chicago for handling a shooting threat in the worst possible ways by:

1. Being dead silent. You withheld communication from students until 9:30am today even though people on the wildfire app have been talking about the shooting threat this since last night.

At 9:00pm Tuesday some of us already knew there was a possibility of a shooting today at noon, but instead you waited until the campus was already flooded with students and you didn’t even give them an informed choice to come or not.

2. Generically dismissing it as “not credible” and saying a person may have “suicidal thoughts” when in fact the intel referenced the shooter Elliot Rodgers and wanted to make a “war-zone.” There was 0 follow up on that statement.

When would you have decided it was credible? After it took place? It’s been reported that a student with a dufflebag was escourted out or detained.

Many students and professors alike start their commute before 6am and there was no way to know about any of this going on unless they used the wildfire app. On one hand there were literally dozens of classes were cancelled with extra security around campus, yet it was “not credible” and many professors demanded students show up for exams and quizzes.

Huge shoutout to the students in the wildfire community for actually providing useful information. The only updates we students have been able get on the status of campus security have been from emails professors show them from UICPD and administration, which they shared on the wildfire app.

What a complete lack of insight and concern from this school.

  • From Celia Gonzalez:

Really disappointed in UIC admin today. posts were made about a potential shooting on campus and uic police determined it isn’t a “credible” threat.

what exactly is a credible threat? a threat is a THREAT. there is no way around that. School shootings aren’t uncommon in the US. This needs to be taken seriously.

To all the professors not taking this seriously and still requiring students to go to class, (and if they miss penalizing their participation grade ??) shame on you. As educators, your priority should be your students safety.

We pay lots of money to go to this damn school. it’s ridiculous that threats made against us are brushed off.

A lot more comments can be seen in the comment section of UIC on Facebook:

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