Uche Aigbe: House on the Rock pastor apologises for wielding AK-47 on pulpit

House on the Rock pastor, Pastor Uche Aigbe, has apologised over AK -47 illustration in the church.

The apology letter was uploaded on all the verified social media platforms of the church on Monday evening.

”February 13th, 2023, on Sunday, February 12th, resident pastor of House on the Rock Abuja church pastor Uche Aigbe in a message about fighting the good fight with spiritual weapons, carried an unloaded gun to illustrate his message on ”guarding your faith.”

”Pastor Uche has been a leader in the house on the rock Abuja since 1999 and has always shown exemplary leadership; however, he realizes that even with the best of intention carrying a gun to illustrate his message was ill-advised and regrettable.”

”Without hesitation pastor, Uche has acknowledged the gravity of his actions and apologizes unreservedly for them.’

”As a church house on the rock rejects all forms of violence, we stand on the good news gospel of Jesus Christ, which embraces peace and goodwill for all mankind.’

”We are cooperating fully with the authorities as they carry out their investigations into this incident and will continue to engage internally to ensure this break in protocol does not happen again,” the statement read.

Recall Pastor Uche had on Sunday, February 12th, brought an AK-47 to the church to make an illustration in his sermon titled ”guarding your faith”.

This act led to his arrest and detainment by the Nigerian Police Force on Monday.

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