Turkish earthquake: 9-year-old donates piggy bank money to relief fund

The tragic earthquakes that occurred in Turkey and Syria on Monday inspired a young child in Turkey to give his pocket money to relief efforts. Last year’s earthquake was survived by the 9-year-old.

After a 5.9 earthquake struck Turkey’s Duzce province in November, Alparslan Efe Demir was forced to live in a tent. Demir was heartbroken as he watched television footage of damage.

The young kid expressed his desire to donate his piggy bank money to relief efforts to his mother Sinem Demir after becoming disturbed by the suffering of thousands of people.

The youngster and his mother then went to the Turkish Red Crescent office in Duzce and gave the authorities the money.

Even so, he composed a letter for the earthquake victims.

“When there was an earthquake in Duzce, I was quite terrified. When I learned that many of our cities had experienced an earthquake, I felt the same fear. That is why I made the decision to deliver the local kids the pocket money my elders had given me,” he stated.

He wrote, “It is okay if I do not buy chocolate here. Children there should not be cold or hungry. I will send my clothes and toys to the children there.”

A 7.7 magnitude earthquake occurred early on Monday in the Kahramanmaras province of southern Turkey, followed around nine hours later by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake.

In Turkey’s ten provinces, thousands of people have died and numerous others have been injured. Syria and Lebanon were two more nations in the region where the earthquake was felt. Thousands of people died and hundreds were injured in Syria as well.

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