Man expresses disappointment at his dad for forgiving his mom after she cheated

An African man has revealed that he discovered his mother cheated on his father and he took her back after forgiving.

The guy known as @Vhoyde on Twitter said he discovered that the said infidelity happened before he was born.

According to him, ever since he heard that his father forgace his mum, he’s never looked at him with respect.

He noted that he believes a woman’s unfaithfulness is an unforgivable act and he expected his dad to have broken up with his mum.

Vhoyde wrote; “I found out my dad took my mom back after cheating and I never looked at him the same again. Soft. I wasn’t even born yet but I still think he should’ve left her

I’ve always believed that a woman cheating is worse and should never be forgiven. Thank you for validating this”


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