Them dey knack anything – Angela Okorie drags Anita Joseph, Uche Elendu, spills more secrets

Popular actress, Angela Okorie has continued to drag Anita Joseph and Uche Elendu as she shares some of their alleged dirty secrets.

She had subsequently been dragging her and Anita as she continues to air their dirty laundry to the public.

In a recent post on her Instagram page, she claimed that the actresses had engaged in some fetish ritual with a native doctor to increase their wealth and fame.

She also claimed that they are sexually involved with a lot of diverse people, including big people in the Nollywood industry.

Her post read: “If you hear the way Anita and Uche take swallow lizard for Native doctor place, You will think after that they became richer then everybody, devil is bad!!”

“Dem Dey knack anything,gate man, house boy, house girl, industry pa‘s; very shameless people if them no take time I go write names of some of our actresses wey Dey follow them do their nonsense”

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