That cream was strong o – Nigerian lady who stopped bleaching shares transformation video

A young woman who stopped bleaching her skin uploaded photos of the “before” and “after” versions of herself.

At the start of the popular TikTok video, the woman (@joyclerancehair) looked at her fair skin and explained that she had been whitening it at the time.

Many others praised her as she stopped bleaching to alter her natural tone after seeing how transformed her black skin seemed.

She debunked people who claimed she used a filter in the transformation video. She posted further videos on her page as evidence that she was bleaching.


Her real skin was more attractive as she stopped bleaching, according to other TikTok users.

teefah_ said: “Wait so it was bleaching that was making you lose weight cuz as you stop, you add weight.”

Antoinette said: “It takes a lot of courage to stop bleaching.”

Shinaayomi said: “Ignore the negative comments you look better in your natural colour. Black is beautiful.”

Favourite said: “She wasn’t bleaching i think she used filter.”

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