I was meant to either die or go mad- Young lady shares awful experience

A young lady posted a TikTok video describing how she suddenly developed swelling in her hands, eyes, and head.

The lady, @ladytee_thulie claimed that the trauma started off with a severe itching feeling on her scalp, which she initially attributed to her hairdo.

She chose to cut her hair since she was worried about the swelling getting worse the following morning.

She didn’t feel relieved, though, and her eyes began to bulge as well, giving some people the impression that she had experienced gender-based assault.

She sought medical advice to identify the source of her troubling symptoms as the swelling kept spreading to her hands.

She was shocked to learn that someone extremely important to her was to blame for her illness.

She was told by some lady that she was either going to die or go insane.

Ladytee said she was thankful she had noticed the problem quickly and that she had started to progressively get well.

In her words:

“My head started itching thought it was my hairstyle, so decided to unplait. The swelling got worse in the morning so I decided to cut my hair, My eyes started swelling, people thought I was a victim of GBV. Then my hands started, and I went to consult.

“Shockingly, was told it’s someone very close and dear to me that did it to me, The lady helped me and told me that, I was meant to either die or go mad. Thank God I stood up early. Baby girl was getting better.”

Social media users however claimed she must have come into contact with an item she is allergic to.

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