Hello Everyone! Did you miss the just concluded WIMBIZ Annual conference? Here are some highlights from the event.

The WIMBIZ Conference is an extraordinary annual gathering where women from various fields chat about business and management. This year, the event got a techy twist thanks to the fabulous folks at TECNO, a global smartphone leader.

It all went down on November 2nd and 3rd, and it was a fantastic two-day event that showed us how business, technology, and women’s power are shaping the future. And TECNO, known for their top-notch tech and user-friendly gadgets, co-sponsored a debate segment with MTN that got everyone talking.

Yes, talking about the debate, which was all about Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Friend, or FOE, and how it is changing our digital world, some intelligent minds like Tobi Ayeni (aka Miss Techy), Fisayo Fosudo, Victor Madu (VictorPraiztech), and Habibah A. Waziri from BGR Consulting shared their thoughts on how AI is shaking up industries like healthcare and finance. They also delved into the ethical side of AI.


It wasn’t all serious, though; these conversations also made people consider the future of society and how to create jobs. People were thinking about what AI could accomplish, challenging each other’s ideas, and getting lost in conversation. Miss Techy gave us valuable insights into the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI). She illustrated why we should embrace it by showing us how a hand-held blender can grind pepper faster than her grandmother’s grinding stone, taking only two minutes.


Now, the fun continued! One lucky lady, Mrs Augustina Itene from Joses Diamond Energy Limited, won a Phantom X2 Pro device. It’s a sleek, high-end gadget, and it was the perfect prize for an event that celebrated innovation and excellence.




And then there was the TECNO Booth – the place to be all decked out in TECNO’s colours, and it’s where everyone gathered to check out some of the brand’s products, take photos, and capture those memorable moments. Those photos are like time capsules, preserving the spirit of the event and the connections made. Plus, attendees had a shot at winning some awesome prizes.

TECNO didn’t just sponsor the event; they got into the community spirit. As the day turned into night, the after-party started with music, dancing, laughter, and good times. TECNO continued to create memorable experiences with more gifts, spreading that sense of togetherness and joy.

The conference’s success was not just about winning debates or prizes; it was about the laughter, relationships formed, and bright vision shared. The spirit created by TECNO and WIMBIZ will continue to drive innovation and change.

TECNO’s commitment to driving conversations about technology and its societal implications was evident. More than just a corporate sponsor, TECNO emerged as a thought leader and a catalyst for change, embodying the innovative spirit that the WIMBIZ Conference strives to promote.

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