Strath Haven bomb threat: Strath Haven High School bomb threat

Strath Haven bomb threat: Strath Haven High School bomb threat – what happened?

Strath Haven bomb threat: Strath Haven High School bomb threat

A threat was made against Strath Haven High School at approximately 12:30 p.m. today. Police actively investigated. According to reports, the entire school was evacuated to the middle school where they were caged in (for their protection) for almost two hours.

When all was clear, Wallingford-Swarthmore School District released an update that read:

We have the all-clear and are back inside the high school. Thank you to the Nether Providence Police Department and the Fire Marshall for your help today.

The late bus from the HS will leave at 3:30 p.m.

The Elementary School buses will leave 25 minutes late today.

Thank you for your understanding.

Read reactions from users on social media:

I was on the House floor today when I learned that a bomb threat had been made against Strath Haven High School and all students were evacuated.

A few hours later, the school had been cleared of the threat.

Grateful to the Nether Providence Police, the Fire Marshall and the Administration at Wallingford-Swarthmore School District for their quick response.

Soooo…lest I get accused of only bragging about my daughter’s team when they win, tonight they lost in the District Championships 5-0. Here’s the thing though:

48 hours ago, these young women were told a friend and classmate that they had sat next to in class, played on teams with, bumped into at dances, and waited in line in the cafeteria with would never be coming back to school. And if the sadness of that news alone wasn’t enough…it understandably made them worried for others they know who are struggling.

Then – because of that news – their first playoff game was postponed for 24 hours, meaning that they played it last night instead of Monday night. It was a physically rough game but they won and secured a bid to the state tournament. However, they still had a game to play for the District Championship now only 20 hours later since the original game time had been postponed a day.

So they all show up at school today – many of them wearing purple in honor of the classmate they are mourning – and at 12:30 there’s a bomb threat at the school. The entire school is evacuated to the middle school where they are caged in (for their protection) for almost two hours. At the time of dismissal, they are not allowed to return to the high school to get their belongings so the soccer team waits on the bridge between the two schools until they can go in and grab their gear at 3:15.

They immediately hop on a 45-minute bus ride to play in the District Championship game…against a Catholic school that isn’t bound by the same geographic boundaries to form a team that a public school is. (Sounds fair, right?)

(Oh – and keep in mind that for some of these girls, they have the added stress of knowing any college applications they are submitting for early action are due on Friday.)

Would you be in any state to step on the field? I know I wouldn’t. (Shocker.) But these girls did.

Sometimes life isn’t about winning. Sometimes it’s about stepping on the field.

And Strath Haven Womens Soccer just taught a master class on that.

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