Spending your money without your husband’s knowledge is the same as cheating – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man identified as Eke Ako, has set the tone for a controversial debate about finances and separate expenditure in marriage.

He said a woman who spends her personal money without informing her husband is financial infidelity which is tantamount to engaging in sexual infidelity.

Ako stated this on his Facebook page as he condemned wives who spend their own money without the knowledge and approval of her husband.

The businessman, who said a woman’s funds belong to her spouse, also expressed disapproval for Africans who copy the way westerners handle finances in their marriage.


Financial infidelity carries the same weight as sxxual infidelity. Your funds also belong to your husband. When you spend outside your family (your husband, children & you) without his knowledge and agreement, it is the same as sxual infidelity

My dear sisters who copy western marriages ignore this part. Igbo marriage remains the best. Working out differences in a marriage is not endurance

Marriage requires toughness, tolerance and endurance. You must decide to lose sometimes. You must also know your place.

Also avoid the temptation of changing a natural order because you want to copy what you don’t really understand.”

Man Eke Ako

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