Reactions as Lata Tondon deletes her congratulatory message to Hilda Baci, updates bio

Internationally renowned Indian chef Lata Tondon has broken her silence following the verification of Hilda Baci as the new Guinness World Record holder for the longest cooking marathon.

Lata, in response to the declaration, has made significant changes to her Instagram profile, removing any mention of the record and deleting her previous post congratulating Hilda Baci.

Lata’s reaction has sparked intense discussion among netizens, particularly Nigerians, who have raised questions about her previous congratulatory messages dedicated to Hilda Baci.

Many were quick to point out the inconsistency in her actions, wondering why she would delete her messages of encouragement and congratulations if she did not truly mean them

As the news of Lata’s Instagram profile update spread, curious netizens flocked to her page to witness the changes firsthand.

The absence of any reference to the record and the deletion of her previous congratulatory post have only intensified the scrutiny surrounding Lata’s stance on Hilda Baci’s achievement.


@fumziflt wrote;

Hilda has taken over your world record and there’s nothing u can do about it, delete or not.”

@thegbemisola said;

You’re so audacious ✨ Thank you for inspiring so many women in the world. But no need for the bad belle to Hilda.

@rf_ugochi wrote;

You’re Once a record breaker, don’t destroy your legacy with hate. You will always be a record breaker. Thank you for inspiring Hilda and many others to come.”

@ella_gabb said;

You did it first you are strong. Love and light.”

@glory_austen wrote;

So all those old congratulatory messages were fake. Eye-service sef dey India.”

@fabricsandmore added;

Chef Lata Tondon will forever be the first woman to hold this title and nobody can take that away from her. Know this and know peace.”

@adeifepearls wrote:

Thank you for setting the pace. You are a big inspiration, but this delete matter no make sense”


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