Queen Elizabeth II’s secret letter to citizens of Sydney to be opened in 2085

A handwritten message by Queen Elizabeth II for ‘the citizens of Sydney’ lies hidden inside one of the city’s most iconic buildings but it won’t be read for another 63 years.

The cherished Queen Victoria Building in Sydney’s CBD, holds a time capsule with a secretive letter from Her Majesty with strict instructions not to be opened until 2085.

The Queen penned the letter following major restoration works to the building in November, 1986.

Not even her personal staff know what she wrote and many citizens of Sydney will never find out either.

The letter sits framed inside a glass case in the restricted dome area in the top of the QVB with only Her Majesty’s instructions visible.

The letter is addressed to the ‘Right and Honourable Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia’.

‘Greetings. On a suitable day to be selected by you in the year 2085 A.D. would you please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of SYDNEY my message to them,’ the letter reads which is then signed by the Queen.

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