Photos of what Celine Dion looked like before and now

Below are pictures showing what singer Celine Dion looks like now compared to when she came into limelight in the 90s. She is a Canadian singer born 30th March 1968 into a large family from Charlemagne, Quebec.

Photos of what Celine Dion looked like before and now

Celine Dion was a teen star in her homeland in the 1980s where she released a series of French-language albums.

She gained international recognition when she won the 1982 Yamaha World Popular Song Festival and the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest. She represented Switzerland in the contest.

Celine Dion went on to sign with Epic Records in the United States after she learned how to speak English. The deal saw her release her debut English-language album, Unison, in 1990. The album helped establish her as a force to reckon with in pop music in the world.


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  1. celine dion wow age has really tell on u,anyway simbi will someday be a woman
    ur music i will always love

  2. I love her and her songs just like many people all over the world do. But i think she is sick; the transformation for her age is not funny. My mum who is way older than her looks far younger and sexier.

  3. I wanna believe she must have done somethings to her body while growing up, this is reall not a good sight to behold of such a music legend, her songs her evergreen.

  4. Transformation agenda. She looks cool either ways, every human on earth is bonded to become old

  5. That’s a woman who has lost a husband. It tales time to recover did some people. So its grief that happened to her.

  6. Wow should I call this money or surgery because this is really change it look more far younger

  7. Change is a constant thing in nature and we will all undergo it. Age is telling on her but of course she might be in diet too

  8. Wow.. What a big transformation,cant believe shes the one..this is really impressive…happy for you..

  9. Everything in life will change, we are no more in 80s we are in 21 cencury, you don’t expect her to still be the same

  10. She is looking so sickly…,abi na new trend….anything can happen with these celebrities

  11. Wow! What a transformation, and she’s not even that old, she’s only 50 and she’s looking so old. She needs to take care of herself more.

  12. Wow! Time really flies…… Look at her, the woman with the power of love…..the young shall definitely grow old.

  13. Oh my! Age has really taken it’s toll on you. Looks really older than her age, but still a beautiful woman though.

  14. She has really changed, I don’t know how she will be when she is 60years of age

  15. Wow what a transformation. Her beauty is fading. She really is getting old. Or maybe her looks is as a result of stress.

  16. See how people change. She has done a lot of works that aided men trap their spouses, sustained their relationships through her lyrics.

  17. Are you serious!! What really happened. She looks sick and older than her age. This is a bad ten years challenge

  18. There is nothing wrong with her new look, its just a process everybody must go through. Even at her age she still looks amazing

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