Carmen Campuzano Botched: Her tragic tale, Before & After surgery pics

This is the life of Carmen Campuzano, the Mexican model who appeared on Botched asking the doctors to fix her.

Before the scandals and excesses, Carmen Campuzano was a respected and important model abroad.

See Before & After photos of Carmen Campuzano after plastic surgery

See Before & After photos of Carmen Campuzano after plastic surgery lailasnews


mexican model Carmen Campuzano lailasnews



After surgery:

Carmen Campuzano after surgery lailasnews 2



The fall of Carmen Campuzano

The fall of Carmen occurred when she became ill due to a bacterium that affected her nose and hair.

After that she experienced one of the strongest moments of her life, on the verge of death she suffered from drug poisoning and a car accident.

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Last year, model Carmen Campuzano revealed that she had undergone three operations to rebuild her nose and thus achieve a much more natural appearance, having a total of 10 surgical interventions over the years.

However, the DJ also went to the program:

“The minute that changed my destiny” to talk openly about what really happened to my nose, because although many people believe that everything was the result of their addictions, there was another situation that worsened everything.

“Yes it was real, the bacteria was real, in fact a cousin of mine accompanied me to get vaccinations because I quantified less with this medication, I had never gone through a health situation that overwhelmed me as much as that “

Campuzano silenced the people who criticized her and even branded her as a liar, stating that she would never have dared to lie about the bacteria.

“I would never question the prestige of a doctor for viperine and stupid languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat questioned my word and that of the doctor, I have never played with my health issue and well, those of us who were living all that know that it is true “

Finally, she made it clear that she was free of the bacteria because she received the appropriate treatment, although she confessed that everything was actually worsened by her former dependence on cocaine.

“With medication, I knew that my problem was not only the bacteria, but also the consumption of the drug and the doctor knew that I was using drugs because I had confidence, what I did not have to tell others, ‘I’m living this’, it was a very hard stage for me. “

Carmen Campuzano husband, twin daughters

Carmen married actor Mario Carballido, with whom she had twin daughters – Daniela and Camila.

Carmen Campuzano daughters, Daniela and Camila lailasnews

However, following her relapse into addictions for several years, Carmen lost custody of her children.

Carmen Campuzano daughters, Daniela and Camila were in the care of her sister Ruth. But when Ruth died, Carmen’s cousin, Ariel, took custody of the girls.

In 2013, Carmen’s brother, Daniel Campuzan assured that the father of the teenagers, Mario Carballido, had them in complete economic abandonment. It has been claimed that since her Aunt Ruth died, young girls are in psychological therapy.

According to some Spanish reports, after the death of Carmen’s sister Ruth, who took care of the girls from a young age, Carmen said she was not ready to take care of her daughters, as she was not yet totally rehabilitated from the use of drugs.

For his part, Mario Carballido did not want that responsibility either, and said that “he has many commitments and travels constantly”, which was why he can not assume that responsibility.

“Passing the mourning for the death of my sister, we will decide how my daughters will be, but what is definite is that they will stay with my family, because they have grown up with their cousin Ariel (son of Ruth), as well as with my brother Daniel”, said the model, who assured that Mario Carballido owed a significant amount of money for the maintenance of the girls.

In an interview for Maxine Woodside’s radio program, Carmen Campuzano accepted that her daughters have not forgiven her.

“There are many things to rescue for Carmen as a woman, if it were really wrong I would worry. I am trying to get my daughters back because they have not yet forgiven me. They are in the process but we are working. I am a person who has I have affected her daughters a lot and that is what I have loved the most.

For her part, Carmen Campuzano says she is aware that her addiction to alcohol and drugs completely destroyed her and “at some point I could have died”

At 48, she has remained relatively healthy and is dedicated to music.

The model now has a completely new nose, but she remembered all the hell she suffered because of her addictions and a terrible illness.

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