Pastor revealed how my progress is being blocked by ‘unfaithful’ girlfriend – Nigerian man

A Nigerian man who’s experiencing some turbulent times has said he is convinced that his girlfriend is cheating on him and that may be what’s preventing him from succeeding in life.

He said his pastor saw a revelation and explained to him that his destiny does not like when he beds a woman shortly after she has been intimate with another man.

According to him, the clergy man said that anytime that happens, things will not go well for him within the week or for that month.

The troubled man said he’s been having financial challenges since November 2021 and even though he has not caught his girlfriend cheating, he believes the cleric’s revelation which points to her.

He said he got access to her phone and checked it but did not find proof that she was being unfaithful to him, but his instinct is telling him that she is being promiscuous.

He wondered what could be wrong because they often pray together and she showers him with prayers. The man asked for help and advise because he was confused on what to do.

In his words; “My instinct is telling me my girlfriend is cheating on me. I don’t have any prove to confront her thou…. I knew her phone password I can’t see where she’s cheating. SHe never hide her phone from me.

So I went to church last week and there is this pastor that saw a revelation that (my destiny no like am make my woman dey sleep with another man outside make I still come climb the same woman nack am ; without me knowing) he said whenever something like this happen “things won’t go well for me within that week/month.

I’m really confused idk what to do !? Things hasn’t been going well for me since 2021 November. And me and this same girl always pray together…she always pray for me. Pls help.”

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