Old Fool – Mother embarrasses man for visiting her teen daughter (Video)

A man has been ridiculed and humiliated by a woman over the accusation that he was trying to get intimate with her 18-year-old daughter.

He paid a visit to the girl’s home unaware that her mother was around, and she was the one who opened the door when he rang.

When she saw the grown up man that has been wooing her teenage daughter, the woman lashed out and started insulting him.

She accused him of trying to sleep with a child, but he denied being the person she was referring to.

The woman insisted that he was the one and added that she saw the messages he’s been sending to the 18-year-old girl.

She also threatened to report him to the authorities and said that she has all his pictures and evidence to ensure he is prosecuted.

Embarrassed by her rant, the man quickly turned back to leave the vicinity but she followed him to his car and kept shaming him as he got into his car to drive off.

Watch the video below:


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