Nollywood stars scared of being poisoned on set – Actress Ruth Eze

Popular Nigerian actress Ruth Eze has unveiled a prevailing unease that envelops Nollywood actors on set, that leads them to abstain from consuming their colleagues’ food.

According to her, many movie stars opt to procure or bring their own meals during film shoots, driven by a palpable fear of potential poisoning by someone in the industry.

Eze dropped this startling revelation in a recent interview with The Punch, highlighting that a substantial number of individuals in Nollywood harbor a distinct lack of camaraderie within the industry.

She said; “A lot of people don’t like to see others, especially in Nollywood in the eastern part of the country. We don’t like one another. I cannot expose my relationship, or who I am in love with.

“There is no actor in Nollywood, especially in Asaba (Delta State), that one would buy food for on set and they would eat. Everybody is scared, because of how dangerous that side is. When one goes for any production, one is usually scared. So, in order to be careful, one has to buy one’s food.”

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