Nigerian man shares his experience with a sincere Okada rider in Anambra

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to recount his experience with a sincere motorcycle a.k.a okada rider in Nnewi, Anambra state.

According to @Uzochukwukwalu2, he boarded the bike in the early hours of Tuesday, March 8, and paid the bikeman N1000 for the ride but he didn’t have change.

He said the bikeman offered to come back and pick him from the same place after his meeting since the N1000 was still in his possession.

The man said he had already concluded that the bike man would run away with his money, but was shocked to see that he returned.

He said he decided to repay the bike man’s integrity by replacing some damaged parts of his bike.

Read his full post below,

“On Tuesday I boarded a bike to somewhere we got there the bike man had no change for the N1000 I gave him, and no stores had opened at the time around there too so he asked me what time I will be done so he can come back and pick me since he still has my 1k. I told him.

10:30am max I’m through with the meeting. While he left in my mind I was like omo this one don go e no dy come back, surprisingly before 10:30 I heard the sound of a bike approaching and peeped out of the window omo na the guy 😳. I relayed the incident to the boss I came to meet.

He was surprised too. While he was taking me back to the shop we had some discussions & I asked him if there is anything he needs to boost his business, he replied that his battery and back tyre is giving him challenge. We got to the market I went into Kotec’s shop who is my Neighbour got him a battery which is one of the best in our market, went to somto’s shop got him a tyre nye ya 1k again. The guy was so overwhelmed he was about to kneel down to thank me, i gestured him to stand up. Ụwa ga adịrị that guy na mma.”

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