Nigerian man abroad rewarded with over N400k for showing kindness

An emotionally captivating video clip which shows the impact of kindness on human beings has gone viral online.

It captures an interaction between a Nigerian man and a white man who is a content creator named Zachery Dereniowski, both of them residing overseas.

The content creator approached the Nigerian man who identified himself as Patrick and pretended to be stranded. He then begged for $2, saying he had lost his wallet and needed to board a train.

Without hesitation, Patrick took out cash from his wallet and gave the content creator, not knowing that it was all a test.

Amazed by Patrick’s act towards him, Zachery asked why he gave his money to a stranger and the Nigerian man responded that it was all about kindness.

Moved by his kind act, Zachery then revealed he didn’t need the money and it was all a social experiment.

In a video the content creator shared on his Instagram page, he rewarded Patrick with $1,000 (N414k) on the spot and they both hugged.

Watch the video HERE

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