Nigerian lady breaks down after catching her man in bed with his landlord’s daughter

A Nigerian lady has revealed that she walked in on her boyfriend, Femi, sleeping with his landlord’s daughter and it left her heartbroken.

According to the young woman with Twitter handle, @LuxuryTatashey, the incident happened at his residence on December 1, 2023.

She said she really loves Femi and has not been herself since she caught him cheating because she thought he was different.

She wrote; “I walked in on my boyfriend having aggressive S#X with his landlord daughter yesterday. I haven’t been myself since cos I truly love this man and I thought he’s different from all the men in Lagos.

Men are wicked people & they deserve to suffer. 💔😭 Haaaaa! I will so deal with Femi olohun 😭💔

If I had know I would have just joined them, the knxxk was so good cos that Femi is the best knxxker I have ever seen 😭😩💔 see knxxk god 💔😭😩😭 Sorry for generalizing it to all Men. Pls forgive me, I’m just hurt 😔 💔”

Man in bed landlord daughter

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