It’s better to marry second wife than to commit adultery – Nigerian woman

A Nigerian businesswoman identified as Hadiza Garba has advised married men to take a second wife instead of committing adultery.

She gave the advice through Facebook, while explaining that it is better for a man to marry a second wife than for him to commit “Zina”.

Zina is an Arabic (Muslim) word which refers to fornication and adultery, where a man engages in intimacy with a woman that is not his wife.

The woman said; “Marrying a second wife is better than commiting “Zina” Fear Allah more than you fear your wife.”

A scholar, Ahmad Umar agreed with her fully and expatiated on the scenarios where one can be said to have committed Zina.

He wrote; “Zina defined. Whoever, being a man or a human fully responsible, has sexual intercourse through the genitvl of a person over whom he has no sxxual right and in circumstances in which no doubt exist as to the illegality of the act is guilty of the offence of zina.”

Marrying a second wife is better than adultery

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