Netizens react as young mother sends son to Europe

A woman is super excited because her son has finally gotten an opportunity to travel to a European country.

She expressed joy and pride at the thought that he was moving abroad to probably study and start life afresh.

The proud mum known on Twitter as @myhomegirlDubs, shared a still video on she and her boy at the airport as he was set to board his flight.

She posed with him and smiled so joyously in the gif image which has gone viral.

”My son is going to Europe!!! so proud of him!’‘ she captioned.

See the post below:

Netizens flooded her comment section and congratulated both of them.

@Citygerl; The ancestors are proud of you for pulling this off. The will protect him while he’s away. Loved that you made a way when there was no way

@GrissetOfficial; A mother’s love and determination! I’m so excited for him and this unforgettable experience. Safe travels!

@cIeanerr; black women will do ANYTHING for they child man i am happy for the kid and i am thankful for women like you!!!!!

@KishaBue; Oh wow!! I hope he has amazing adventures during his time there. May he be protected and guided in everything he does.

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