Money or success can never change me – Davido

Davido has noted that money and success can never alter his personality.

In his Instagram story late Friday, the Stand Strong crooner noted that he can’t change his personality for anything.

He noted that even though one of the disadvantages of being himself was for him to be too accessible, he’d rather not become another person.

The singer wrote, “Money or success can never change me. I just can’t change for nothing.

“It has its disadvantages (being too accessible) but I just can’t be another person because of money or success. I just can’t.”

According to him, that was how he was created by God.

“Na so God just create me,” Davido added.
He further advised his fans to be themselves so that they can have peace of mind.

Davido wrote, “Be you! Because at the end, na who get peace of mind really enjoy life pass. So be at peace with who you are.”

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