Money no dey Nollywood — Akpororo clarifies VeryDarkMan

Popular comedian, Akpororo has responded to the video of VeryDarkMan where he dragged the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood.

Following the video of Mr Ibu, VeryDarkMan has been on their necks, calling them out for their lack of structure and refusal to help their colleague.

Akpororo has responded to this, while telling VeryDarkMan to shift his blame from Nollywood as there is no money in that industry.

He blames their female counterparts, who he says are very quick to make house and car purchases after starring in one movie that many people believe that the entire industry is rich.

Akpororo emphasized the lack of structure in the industry as well, while calling out the Enugu state governor, as that is the state the renowned thespian, Mr Ibu is also from, claiming he should have seen the video by now and lent a helping hand.

Watch video here…


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