Mixed reactions as high school students take turns turns to smoke weed in school (Watch video)

A group of High school students in South Africa have sparked reactions after being filmed engaging in the consumption of marijuana commonly known as weed.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, the teenagers were taking turns to smoke weed right inside the school premises.

It was a gathering of both boys and girls who engaged in the inappropriate act without any teacher or school administrator in sight to call them to order.

Some other students who were just watching could be seen expressing shock and disbelief at the way they were smoking the weed in a carefree manner.

Watch the video below:


@MhlongoTukie; My son was reported to have bin caught smoking a joint at school, I was called in. I dealt with him nicely.even subjected him to monthly drug testing every month. To this day he doesn’t smoke he is now 26…parents check them

@Tshidi_G said; The only difference is that with this generation its recorded. Kids have been smoking in school even in 1976 bathong

@K_anye replied; I disagree with you. It was never on this level. Alcohol. Weed. Mandrax. The 1976 students you’re referring to burnt down bottle stores and houses that were known for selling such. Do you think this generation would do the same?

@RuthBeingHonest wrote; No it’s not. They just have high quality phones to record every goddam thing. Let kids live you had your turn.

@fabulusyoma responded; Your response is negative. I think you should stop using smartphone, because you’re using it to encourage bad behaviour. Children are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol.

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