Maty Ezraty death: Maty Ezraty cause of death – what happened?

Maty Ezraty death happened suddenly in Tokyo. The beloved Los Angeles yoga legend, founder of YogaWorks, teacher of teachers, discovered yoga in her early 20’s after years of dance.

Maty Ezraty death

Seeking meaning in her life and a sense of freedom from daily suffering, she found in yoga calmness of mind, confidence, and a strong feeling of being centered.

Maty Ezraty death: Maty Ezraty cause of death – what happened?

At the moment, full details about how Maty died are sketchy. Reports say she died suddenly in Tokyo.

Read touching tributes from friends and loved ones who adored Maty Ezraty. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  • From Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center:

This beautiful Israeli born goddess… a true Yogini… simple, cared nothing but to spread truth about practice and Yoga…

Stayed out of trivial talk and yoga politics … had her heart into what she did: teach .. an amazing light, being.. meditation and yoga was her life … if you were as lucky as me to know her you know you are blessed.

A teacher , a mother, a sister, a friend ….She was a deep soul ❤️❤️❤️❤️rest in peace Maty Ezraty , I am deeply grateful for the knowledge you shared with me and the many people you taught and touched. You were the real thing..

  • From Namaste YOGA Mongolia for English speakers:

The one and the only legendary Maty Ezraty passed away. Our community lost our mentor. She renewed Vinyasa yoga in the 80s and founded YogaWorks the top yoga school in the world. Her teachings inspired many world leading teachers today. Her legacy will continue through her students. Rest in peace Maty.

  • From James Brown

I don’t want to believe this. My wise and loving teacher and friend, Maty, has moved on.

My life didn’t really get started until I met her. This morning I learned that she died suddenly yesterday.

If you know me or have learned from me, you know the influence her teaching and her support had on my practice and my life.

I am in shock right now but wanted to get this out there for those of you who don’t know. Thank you, Maty Ezraty.

  • From David Kim:

Losing a legend: I just received the incredibly sad & shocking news that Maty Ezraty, one of the most influential yogis of our era, suddenly passed away in Tokyo.

Maty was a sharp-eyed, incisive teacher who cut through the faux-spirituality that too often afflicts what is a profound practice of seeing clearly at every level.

Not everyone agreed with her methodology, but she had the vision and dedication to build a #yoga school that made yoga accessible to so many people, taking it from the hippie fringe into mainstream America —and eventually — world culture.

She had an incredible eye for talent and nurtured so many of our generation’s brightest lights. Her legacy indelibly shaped the evolution of yoga, always reminding us that yoga is a way of living with eyes wide open.

Rest In Peace, Maty 🙏🙏🙏

7 thoughts on “Maty Ezraty death: Maty Ezraty cause of death – what happened?

  1. Dearest Maty: I remember so fondly our years together as friends and teachers and yoginis. I remember all the delicious dinners you cooked for me, and how you brought me to Yoga Works when it was only one room. You lit up the room when you walked in. You could cut through complicated issues with wit and a single incisive quip. When my daughter entered UCLA and wanted me to recommend a yoga teacher to her, yours was the first name that popped into my head. You and she became fast friends and you nurtured her in so many ways. To say we will miss you is an understatement. I wish you well on your journey. Know that you were, and are, loved. Hari Om.

  2. Dearst Maty, Sister and friend in growth, squabbles, and deep laughter. I love you, Nancy G

  3. thank you … forever grateful for the straight forwardness you brought to the practice.. a teacher’s teacher… and so early in the game…. and forever remembering you and Chuck both, being so dear to me that day the Northridge hit and I showed up there, in a state of shock and so lost, I only knew how to come to practice……. you made me tea, consoled me at the loss of absolutely everything in my glass studio…. and reminded me how This is All we have and Are… Right Now… Together…. so, as you journey onward….. I know you Are wherever You Are…….. Now….. love love love

  4. My life was forever changed the day I walked into the Montana Street YogaWorks studio.I am shocked and crushed to learn of Maty’s passing. The world has lost a bright star. Thank you for all you did and shared.Your trickle effect reaches beyond what you could have known. Vandegurunam

  5. The front desk thought it ill advised that my first yoga class was your 4pm led Ashtanga on Montana in 1997. Rebellious by nature, I proceeded. I don’t know how I made it though – jumping here and there and twisting and folding in ways I had never done before. There was no mercy from you. You were fixated on me, fresh and new to teach, and somehow that energy pushed me through to the end where I experienced a magnificent rest. After class you said, “You’re very good but you MUST come every day.” So I did. And it changed my life forever. Only years later after owning and running a yoga studio do I now understand the tension you were under and the petty squabbles as Nancy so perfectly put it above … your heart was in it fully, your passion unbound and you gave and gave and gave. Bless you and your noble actions – bless your continued journey of Light. I love you and am deeply grateful to call you my Teacher.

  6. Dear Maty,
    I loved you as you know. I will always remember when we sat together at The Center for Yoga Larchmont upstairs. I don’t remember the “occasion” but I said to you with tears in my eyes, that I would always love you and that no matter what happened in our lives, if you ever showed up at my door I would know you, love you and hod you as I did at that moment.
    Well, maybe this is that moment, because I do love and hold you, as you are, as you were, as you and I became and continue to become. It aches inside to think that you have left this journey. I love you, Maty. Thank you for being you. Thank you for all we shared. Be in peace and love, dear friend.

  7. Hi all,

    I am a psychic and I know what killed her:the emfs may have caused her a sudden death.It is sad,I have seen many die prematurely because of emfs,particularly wifi and 4g wich is very strong in Japan.

    If you are a yogi,you are a target :you must get rid of your smartphone.

    Trust me….or dont trust me,I dont care.
    Ive had a vision couple of days ago and I saw her loose consciousness because of emfs,I cant explain,I just know.
    Never met the woman,I just know.
    Believe whoever wants.
    Take care all.
    Mr Miller,Matty “told “me to write this …if you can read it.

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