Man offers N100k to anyone who locates lady that defended passenger on airplane

A Nigerian rights activist, Christopher Ogbonna has lauded a young lady who stood in solidarity with a passenger who was unfairly treated by an airline.

He shared a video of a lady speaking up in defence of a man who questioned the airline for delaying their flight.

She said police was invited to take the passenger off the plane after he expressed his displeasure, but the young woman defended him, saying that if he is made to leave the airplane, then every passenger would alight.

Impressed by her show of courage, the activist said he will give $200 or N100,000 to anyone who can connect him to her.

He wrote; ”I am offering $200 or N100k to the first person who can successfully connect me to this woman. I am genuinely impressed by her. This is how pax should bond together and protect one another from wanton bullying.

ABUSE OF POWER is what happens when improperly trained pilots and cabin crew man flights and those who should caution and retrain them appear to do nothing.

I have established the identity of the Nigerian airline where this incident occurred with, as usual, INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE! However, as a law abiding interested citizen, I am humbly requesting @FAAN_Official @PoliceNG”

Watch video below:

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