Man narrates how lady who came to preach to him ended up in his bed

A Ghanaian man has gone online to narrate how he ended up in bed with a lady that visited him for evangelism.

The 400 level student said she visited him with some friends to preach and pass a religious fliers. He said the girl perceived a nice air freshener emitting from his room and he invited her inside after which she invited her friends too.

Read his write-up;

So I’m in level 400. Pent boy. Block C two in a room. I’m a normal guy tho. Don’t have a car. Just a normal guy. Not dosted ahiaa like that. But one thing about me is i don’t play with my room.

My room i should say would be top 3 nicest rooms in Pent. My roommate and I. Charley we really spec the place. We used the whole of the time we spent at home to plan. So you could imagine. My room is kinda popular a bit cos boys sometimes come there with girls and claim that’s their room. You know then boys boys moves.

Lemme go straight. So we were there one Wednesday evening. Like 7 pm when these 3 girls and 1 guy passed by to share these fliers about some all night bi. I don’t even know the all night Cos i didn’t read the flier. Like They didn’t enter tho.

They just knocked and gave us the flier outside the room. As we were taking outside. One girl asked me what air refreshner i was using na she wants to see it. I use this “Little tree, car scent” so if you dey pass sef. So i asked her to come inside and she entered alone. Immediately she entered she was like wow. Her friends outside asked why and she was like they should come and see the room. Honestly then adey there all ma head make big

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When the other girls entered they were all like eii we’re dbees oo. Honestly the room dier ego catch you. I wasn’t really that surprised. They were like where did weget the bedside lamps, the yellow light, the blinds. The designer bedsheets Charley then wanna eye get lol. So the convo shifted from the initial purpose. The all night invitation. The guy was still outside waiting for them. he still didn’t enter. Jon boy. He grew restless and he called the girls to come outside so Outside so they go. So They left. Honestly then me i didn’t have any bad intention i don’t know about ma roommate tho. He Dier senior adwaman lord. So we continued our game then Charley normal life. Fast forward that very Friday, these

These girls passed by again. I was like how did they remember my room. They were like they liked our room smell so they put it in mind. Ei girls wei. That’s where i started thinking with my di**.

I looked at them from the adwaman perspective. Charley them fine. Them get body too. There was this particular one Wey she catch ma eye. But this day that they entered we were watching a movie. Netflix. So yeah normal convo norr. We started engaging them. My room we use a mifi so we connected free Wifi for them. Oh we made them feel at home. They were there for over 2 hours cos we were watching this movie on Netflix. – Birdbox. So convo convo saa the girl i liked amongst them nu she wasn’t really giving me the signs i wanted. But one of them Charley she was giving me that eye nu. You get the ly? So yeah i started engaging her less to get the attention more. Then adey talk to the others

So adey talk to the other girls. And they left. But this time my roommate took one of them their number. But me charley chairman things. Ajust base. And we told them they can pass by anytime. We gave them cold snapple to take away. You know, So the girl that was giving me the eye nu. She was like can she come back for some-of the snapple.

And i was like oh yeah why not but she she should come alone next time. Then ajust dey play oo. Not knowing chairwoman mean me already. The next day Saturday norr she came back. And guess what. She came alone. Ano really like this girl. I like the other one. But well. Pussy is pussy. So yeah i invited her in onua. I was alone This girl enter norr she go straight to the fridge for snapple. Ei. I wanted to ask “why did you do that, you should have made me take it for you” in my head. Be like this girl knows my thoughts. And she went like “oh this is my room too”.

Ano ask the question oo. I just asked in my head. But be like she hear am. I don’t know how. Well.. she asked where my roommate dey. wey asay he go house for the weekend. Meanwhile homeboy just go downstairs go play fifa bet. So i told her she can feel at home.

And she said she’s already home. Ei sister. You get vibes wai. (Said In my head) and she left the chair and came to sit with me on my bed. She come sit the bed norr wey atext ma roommate say charley make he no come room now. So yeah. you know how the story continues from there. Ano fi narrate bed scene then things. So yeah a eat am that moment. Or lemme say she eat me. Cos me i didn’t see her in that way. Btw. Girl is sweet in the inside. Wow

After everything she started asking questions like how many girls do i bring to the room na dien dien. She loves me and things. “Ei relax oo. You kraa then ebi your paddie then adey like. Abegew. No come give me case.” In my head This girl answered me again. How does she hear what i say in my head ei. Or she bi psycho. She was like her other two friends are dating.

She likes me na dien dien. So yeah we talk cool ly wey she lef. Could you believe the girl sef no take the Snapple go. She left the Snapple. So i was like did she really come for the Snapple or girl come eat me free. But yawa no Dey cos i used cd. On Tuesday they came back again. All 3 of them. But could you be surprised this girl dey act like she didn’t come back alone. Me edey funny me wey edey bii me. Cos as she no tell ein paddies anything dier. I can move to the one i really like nu or? Anaa ebi bad move?

So yeah since that Saturday. She randomly passes by for her Snapple. If i ask am hey today will you come for Snapple. You should know Eno be Snapple Snapple. But ebi things. But yeah. This be how e happen. Should i move to her friend? The one Adey like?

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