Man discovers his wife has never seen her period 10 years after their marriage

A Nigerian lady has shared the story of how a childless man discovered that his wife had never had her period ten years after their marriage.

When she shared her story, she wondered how some people, especially women, could be so secretive as to keep such information from their partners.

In her words ;

“I don’t know why you will get married without telling your husband you haven’t been menstruating. Ten years into marriage he’s just finding out and that’s why you guys haven’t had kids. It’s really unfair to withhold such an information.”

Other social media users have left emotional comments about the story. Read some below:

@nneneke1 wrote “10 years? They have not been living together or what for him not to notice that the wife doesn’t buy sanitary towel.”

@seriki001 wrote “That’s pure wickedness, something that can be treated medically fa”

@seyi_jota wrote “How did they date and he never knew her cycle, like Men keep that thing at the back of their palm, thanks to technology some even now have the apps on their phone.
He is part of the problem, 10yrs and he never bought sanitary pads, drugs, feed her or run her back 🤯🤯

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