Man commits suicide after his wife donated their entire earnings to church

A 45-year-old Malawian man, Rex Kondwani, has hanged himself after his wife took the sum of K12,000 which they earned from gardening work and donated it to a church.

According to local reports, the incident took place on Wednesday, September 6 in Muwalo village, Thyolo District in Malawi.

Senior superintendent of Masambanjati Police, George Kaleso released a statement confirming the suicide.

Kaleso said the couple was engaged to do gardening piecework and was paid K12,000 which was kept by the wife.

“Yesterday, when Mr. Kondwani asked for his share, the wife told him she had donated the money to their local church,” he said.

According to him, the woman’s revelation led to a heated argument between the couple. Sadly, the man was later found hanging from the roof of the church where the money was donated.

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