Lady rejected by father over her physical disability builds house for her mum

A physically challenged lady simply known as Devotha has built her mother a house years after being abandoned by her dad.

The lady who spoke with Afrimax, said she was able to build the house with her technical knowledge and money she made from doing menial jobs.

Devotha was born in 1999 with her feet facing backwards, a disability which affected her childhood and even adult life, but she decided not to give up against all odds.

Before being rejected by her father, people from the community were already making her a subject of mockery.

But it was her dad’s own that broke her heart because he abandoned her with his wife and moved elsewhere to start a new family.

It was gathered that due to financial constraints, she couldn’t continue her education. However, that was not the end for her as the village priest enrolled her in a technical school where she acquired knowledge in construction.

She showed off the house in a video shared by Afrimax TV and revealed that she did all the construction work herself.

Davotha’s mum who revealed that the lady spent 8years building the house, described her as ‘my hero’.

“I didn’t know that Devotha could do this for me. She has spent 8 years doing this and she did more than enough.

She is my hero and I am very grateful and will always be grateful,” the mum said.

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