Lady makes prayer request for married sugar daddy during NSPPD daily prayer

A woman’s prayer request made at the NSPPD daily prayer hosted by Nigerian cleric Pastor Jerry Eze has gone viral online.

In the comments, she expressed her desire for her married partner to leave his wife and devote himself entirely to her. With an emphatic Amen, she completed the somewhat peculiar prayer request.

It appears that Felicity Bold, a woman whose identity has not yet been revealed, joined the prayer meeting on YouTube to pray for her married sugar daddy.

In her words:

“I am here to pray so my sugar daddy leaves his wife and follow me full time.

Social Media Reaction:

Social media users have been responding a lot to a screenshot of the prayer point that has been going around.

@officialbobbyfrederick_ wrote: “Some men don’t know they keep putting their wives in danger having a side chick imagine if this kind of girl goes to babalawo to remove the man’s wife by all means ”

@leaddyskincare wrote: “There is nothing pleasant about cheating. Imagine the wife still sleeping on the bed or getting her kids ready for school,someone somewhere is calling a battle she knows nothing about on her head.
Men need to do better honestly. Why put your partner through some much stress for how many minutes pleasure ?”

@michael__xx wrote: “If only men can start loving their wives and clinging on to their marriage vows, people like this girl go find better work do, instead of praying for the downfall of her fellow woman marriage”

@gennyngum wrote: “A man who can cheat on you can easily kill you directly or indirectly. That’s the reason why I always laugh when a woman say that she does not care if her husband cheats. You are signing your own death be staying with such men cos in he does not infect you with HIV STDS, his side Chick will kill you or become his second wife. Tolerate a cheating husband at your own risk. Even the bible says that if your partner commit adultery, you have the right to divorce him or her so why stay in such marriage when God has given you the right to divorce any adulterer?”

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