Just sharpen the tip a little bit — Netizens advise as lady shows off shoes she ordered vs what she got

Ghanaian lady left heartbroken after receiving the exact opposite of the shoes she purchased from an online vendor.

She took to her Tiktok page, @ephyariches1, to share the images of the shoe she received.

She made a purchase for white pointed heels, requesting the same type of heels which was shown in the first picture.

To her greatest disappointment, she was delivered a very substandard version of the shoe she wanted.

See the post here:



Some reactions to her post below

@Mummy omu nation❤️ asked: “you too why you no order black?”

@Just Mimi🥰💕 advised: “Just sharpen the tip a little bit and you’re good to go 😁😂😂”

@Annieee said: “I think the shoe ate so much on the way so it’s full,just wait for it to slim down😂😂😂😂”

@Daisy🍀 stated: “You no still thank God say bow tie Dey there😭😂😭💔”

@bigsharon._ claimed: “If you walk sharp sharp 😭😂nobody go notice am😂walai”

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